Restorative Dentistry

Your dental health determines the beauty of your smile. Dr. Michael Jackson and his team help patients address dental concerns and restore dental health back to optimum functionality. Call or visit Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry of Lawton and schedule a consultation to discover options for improving your dental health.

Restorations we provide extend to Lawton, Sterling, Medicine Park, and other cities within Comanche County.

Restorations and Restorative Dental Services

Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry of Lawton is dedicated to providing reliable dental services to help you reach optimal oral health. We address issues such as advanced decay, periodontal disease, missing teeth, and damage with state-of-the-art care. Services provided by Dr. Jackson include:

White Fillings repair the inner structure of teeth treated for cavities and minor decay. This composite resin material mimics the look of natural teeth while providing reliable durability for years to come.

Crowns protect treated teeth and restore the structure of the tooth to allow for proper functionality within the smile. We also offer the choice for bruxer crown, a more durable option that protects against grinding and clinching.

Bridges replace up to a short row of teeth using crowns anchored atop adjacent healthy teeth.

Full and Partial Dentures replace up to an entire arch of teeth using a prosthetic made to imitate the appearance of natural gums and dentition.

Root Canal Therapy, including molar root canal therapy, can save a tooth suffering from severe infection reaching the dental pulp. This procedure eliminates decay deep within the root of the tooth while restore its inner structure. A crown is fitted over treated teeth to restore the structure and protect it against further damage or reinfection.

Tooth Extractions, including wisdom teeth extractions, are necessary when a tooth erupts impacted or suffers from severe decay.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants in Lawton

Patients requiring extensive dental care can benefit from our comprehensive services to restore functionality and beauty to the smile. Dr. Jackson offers mini implant placement for patients looking to stabilize their dentures in place. Our dental practice in Lawton also offers the placement of four anterior implants for a much sturdier bite while providing adequate support for the jaw bone.

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Find out your options for addressing your dental issues and improving your health by calling or visiting  Comprehensive & Cosmetic Dentistry of Lawton and scheduling an appointment. We’ll determine the right treatment plan to highlight your natural beauty.

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